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WiseFeet Foot Patches - 2 pack/ 1 pair

The WiseFeet

WHY USE THEM? Hundreds of thousands of chemicals have been invented since the Second World War. Adults have around 400-800 man-made chemicals lodged in our bodies. Normal healthy body elimination processes do not remove all these chemicals. Ancient Eastern medicine believes that toxins go downwards in the body and accumulate in the feet. Eastern medicine also understands that toxic accumulation leads to many degenerative diseases. The heart has a difficult job carrying the toxins back to itself so that they can be eliminated from the body. Toxins that are heavier tend to sink to the lower part of the body, due to gravity, and accumulate in the feet. Waste removal can assist in reducing fatigue, cold feet and pain. It can also improve general well being and help prevent disease by lifting the bodys natural immunity. WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM USING THEM? The effect of Wise Feet" patches can usually be seen or felt sooner with more acute diseases, sometimes in a few days. It may however take longer to see the effect on less chronic diseases like lethargy and fatigue. Wise Feet" patches can take longer to work on some people, especially if they have been on medication for a long time. If the patches are still dry after use, they can be reused. Wise Feet" patches work best when placed on the soles of the feet. They can be used at any time but preferably overnight as you sleep. Socks worn over the foot patches may prevent accidentally kicking them off during sleep. Wise Feet" patches can be attached to other parts of the body and acupuncture points, where there are pains, health issues or swelling to remove toxins from the area, but at the same time they should also be applied to the soles of the feet. There may not be as much moisture removed from other parts of the body. Assess the used patches yourself in the morning  they can range from not being changed much to being brown, wet and sticky. Each individual is different. HOW DO THEY WORK? The foot patches work like a poultice. The all-natural dry ingredients in our foot patches are contained in what looks like a hippy teabag and they are stuck to the soles of the feet with a plaster. They are left on your feet overnight while you sleep. Many people say they experiment on where patches can be placed, depending on what issues they have to deal with. The recommended protocol is to put one pair on the heel area of each foot on the first night. Go into the bathroom in the morning and take them off. They are usually wet, gooey and dark (like treacle). Give your feet a bit of a scrub to get all the goo off and to remove the plaster. The foot patches warm up so as to open up the pores of the skin to draw out and absorb wastes via the skin under osmotic pressure from the blood and lymph systems. When the patches are tested they often contain all sorts of toxic wastes. WHATS IN THE PATCHES? The Wise Feet" foot patches contain potent all-natural ingredients for maximum effectiveness: Ingredients: Agaricus Mushroom from the jungles of Brazil. This mushroom contains ample amounts of Beta Glucans, the major ingredient in natural cancer controlling substances, a steroid that can suppress the increase of rogue cells. Our patches have twice as much as any other patch. Eucalypt Leaf Bamboo Sap Vinegar Ionic (absorbable) Tourmaline minerals that contain negative ions and far infrared rays which resonate with the same long wave length of water in the body Tree Sap Vinegar Starch Ginger Loquat Leaf Vitamin C Powdered Pearl Shell

WiseFeet Foot Patches - 2 pack/ 1 pair
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