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Certified Organic Booja Booja French Champagne Truffle Trinket Box

Each handmade, hand-painted box is created by Kashmiri artisans. Filled with delicious truffles. Please note that the design of your egg will be different to the ones pictured. They're all lovely though, so no need to worry

A deeply luxurious and seductive truffle inebriated with biodynamic French Champagne presented in a luxurious, handmade, handpainted and laquered egg. Perfect for Easter and a beautiful gift to behold as the egg can be used throughout the year as a trinket or jewellery box. The truffles are organic, vegan, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, made without any genetically modified ingredients, and utterly, utterly delicious. Ingredients: Organic dark chocolate (organic cocoa solids (56%), organic cane sugar, lecithin, organic vanilla), organic coconut oil, organic corn syrup, organic French Champagne (9%), organic cocoa powder Kashmir is one of the few places in the world where hand made work still dominates over industrial mass-production. However, the divide of Kashmir between Pakistan and India has caused decades of unrest in the region, leading to a permanent decline in international tourism. The lack of tourists has lead to a downturn in value of the artistic industry, and more and more young people have turned to more menial forms of labour that provide a steady and reliable income. Booja Booja have worked with Persian Dowry to concentrate on one area of art; their beautiful handmade and hand painted boxes. Persian Dowry started with a team of 30 artists and this has gradually grown to a point where they now hire 150 different contractors to produce the boxes, paint them, line them with velvet and then carefully check and pack them; all with no machinery. Booja Booja have also worked with Persian Dowry on the materials used to make the boxes, using special ingredients that have been tried and tested over time. Some of the materials have been imported internationally in order to maintain a high level of quality and non-synthetic finishes in order to maintain the freshness of our delicious truffles inside the boxes. These special materials include a completely eco-friendly zero VOC (volatile organic compound) black paint for use inside the boxes. On the outside, a bio-lacquer is used to cover the acrylic, water based paints. The lacquer is non-toxic and made from non-flammable, natural oils and resins, which finishes off and seals the boxes inside and out beautifully. Persian Dowry strive to make their business a completely sustainable, eco-friendly/low carbon footprint, community based cooperative model. Consideration on low-energy consumption goes into every detail of the operation, right down to maximising peoples ability to work from home. This is important during the freezing Himalayan winters, when families need to support themselves but have difficulty traveling to and from work in the heavy snow and cold weather conditions. During frequent periods of civil unrest in the Kashmir region, Persian Dowry employees are also able to continue to work from home during crippling curfews when access to essential needs becomes difficult. Persian Dowry work creatively to ensure that they can continue to supply people and support as many families as possible, even during these difficult periods when the vast majority cannot even go to work or maintain an income at all. This sustainable model means that people are able to work from home and stay with their families, and support each other in a more cooperative, community based way. Persian Dowry becomes part of the lives of the families of the people they employ, and assumes responsibility for caring for their essential needs in addition to giving them work

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Booja Booja French Champagne Truffle Trinket Box
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