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Cultured Raw Organic Vegetables - With Fennel - Green Jar Kitchen - 500gm

A good all rounder, especially good with rich meats like roast lamb, beef, pork, duck, ham, salumi. Great with eggs, how ever you like them. Also great with oily fish such as tuna, word fish, salmon and ocean trout.

Ingredients Red Cabbage, Carrots, Fennel, Fennel Seeds, Celtic Sea Salt - BFA Approved, Organic Whey and Filtered Water. The benefits of eating these foods can be huge. Eating a little of this condiment with each meal may help add probiotics and vital micro-organisms to the digestive tract, promoting healthy digestive flora throughout the intestine. This may lead to improved digestion, absorption of other nutrients, and generally supports our immune system. Useful enzymes are also produced in this process, as are vitamins A, B and C. Fermentation may increase vitamin levels in the vegetables by as much as 100 times and antibiotic and anticarciogenic substances may also be created. Over time, with regular consumption, our cultured vegetables may assist in redressing the balance of your gut flora and create a more alkaline environment. This can help control pathogenic bacteria, moulds, and yeast overgrowth, such as candida. Once the gut has been repopulated with a predominance of beneficial bacteria you may also likely to notice a marked decrease in sugar cravings. Lactobacilli are sometimes mistaken for dairy foods. This is probably because we best know of them in dairy foods, such as cheeses and yoghurt. Lactose is milk sugar. Lactobacilli are bacteria, NOT dairy food. The liquid in your jar is as delicious and effective as the vegetables themselves. Use a spotlessly clean spoon to remove what you need and tuck the remaining vegetables below the surface of the liquid. Keep them covered in your fridge. Life in a jar - vital nutrients in every bite; vitality just a mouthful away! Start off with a teaspoon each meal for one week, then slowly build up to one table spoon over the next two weeks. Very potent!

B BC refrigeration
Cultured Raw Organic Vegetables - With Fennel - Green Jar Kitchen - 500gm
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