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  Food Allergies: Health and Healing - Jo Stepaniak, Vesanto Melina, Dina Aronson
Three leading authorities in dietetics, nutrition, and vegetarian cooking give invaluable advice for those with food sensitivities and their families. Paperback

  Food Shock - Dianne Longhnan
This chronicle of our food systems is informative, disturbing and destined to make you think very hard before filling the first shopping trolley after you've finished reading

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  Healthy Family, Happy Family - Karen Fischer
The complete healthy guide to feeding your family

  Smart Gardening - Marcelle Nankervis
Grow your own fruit and vegetables, Save money and the environment

  Sprouts - Kathleen O'Bannon
Learn how to buy sprouting seeds, grow delicious sprouts of many varieties, and prepare meals with healthful, life-giving sprouts. Paperback 64 pages

  Total Cleansing - Jerry Lee Hutchens
Here is a simple four-step program based on nutrition, exercise, the weekend cleanse, and a support network. Complete with recipes, diagrams and charts. Papaerback