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  Certified Organic Coriander - bunch
Coriander leaves have a very pungent odor and are widely used in Mexican, Caribbean and Asian cooking. Best used raw as the flavour vanishes after prolonged cooking.

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  Certified Organic Dill - per bunch
Beautiful fresh, fragrant stems

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No Product Image   Mixed Edible Herb & Flower Posy
Local, organically grown. Bunches of mixed herbs & flowers. Use i cooking or to make tea

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  Certified Organic Parsley - Curly leaf - by the Bunch
Chopped and added at the last moment, it perks up sauces and salads. There is very little that does not benefit from the addition of parsley. It's good in stews, sauces, cheese spreads, rice dishes, vegetables, omelettes, and in fish dishes. New grower, i

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  Certified Organic Rocket - 120 gm punnet
Use it in pesto as a substitute to basil or to top a pizza. Great as a salad.

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