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Organic Grocery >> Dried Fruits + Nuts
  *Living Synergy Nut Milk Bag - each
Includes colour instruction and recipe booklet

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No Product Image   Activated Brazils - 2Die4 - 120gm

  Activated Brazils - 2Die4 - 300gm

  Activated Pecans - 2Die4 - 300gm

  Activated Pistachios - 2Die4 - 250gm

  Activated Walnuts - 2Die4 - 120gm
Delicious walnuts that have been long soaked then long dried at temperatures less than 70 degrees ensuring activation, preservation of nutrients and naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms

  Certified Organic Almonds - Organic Feast - 300g
Almonds are one of nature's healthy snacks! They contain 'good' monounsaturated fats, are a natural source of dietary fibre and an excellent source of the antioxidant Vitamin E.

  Certified Organic Almonds Slivered - Absolute Organic - 250gm
A delicious addition to desserts, stir-frys, salads and soups

  Certified Organic Apricots - Turkish - 300g
Fattest, sweetest apricot on earth. Sulphur free. Organic apricots have a much darker color than traditional apricots.

  Blueberry Bliss - Dr Superfoods - 125gm
A delicious & nutritious snack of succulent dried blueberries coated in premium quality dark chocolate. An antioxidant blast that is heavenly to eat

  Certified Organic Brazil Nuts - Organic Feast - 300g
Certified organic. Brazil Nuts are high in protein, calcium, iron, zinc, and are one of the best natural dietary sources of selenium.

  Certified Organic Coconut Desiccated - Nuilife - 250gm
Niulife Desiccated Coconut is certified organic and sulphite free. Coconut is a rich source of Lauric Acid (anti-fungal, anti-microbial) and is full of dietary fibre

  Certified Organic Coconut Shredded - Loving Earth - 250gm
Loving Earth's Shredded Coconut is certified organic and sulphite free.

No Product Image   Certified Organic Cranberries - Fruit D'Or - 340gm
This little berry not only tastes great it is incredibly good for you. Organic apple juice added for sweetness. Less then 1% sunflower oil added to keep them moist.

  Certified Organic Currants - 500g
Very sweet dark berries - great to add to porridge. Preservative free.

  Certified Organic Dates - Pitted - Organic Feast - 500gm
These dates have been dried & pitted. A great addition to baked products such as cakes, breads, muffins, pies and biscuits.

  Certified Organic Dried Blueberries - Eden Organic - 113g
A delicious, healthy snack that are great for lunches, camping, hiking or just a real good snack anytime.

  Certified Organic Dried Cranberries - Eden Organic - 113g
Deliciously sweet and mildly tangy. Convenient, protective re-sealable pouch.

  Certified Organic Dried Figs - Turkish - 300g
Preservative free

  Certified Organic Dried Figs - Turkish - 500g
These figs are all natural with no preservatives and one of the sweetest fruits available.

No Product Image   Gone Nuts Clusters of Cacao Almonds, Raisins, Blueberries & Coconut
Raw, sprouted. Velvety dark chocolate sauce, sweetened by coconut palm sugar and raw blue agave nectar with a touch of olive oil, vanilla and Himalayan salt...

  Certified Organic Macadamia Nuts - Honey Roasted - Wodonga Park -150gm
Value pack

  Certified Organic Mixed Berries - Fruit D'Or - 340gm
Delicious combination of dried organic cranderries, blueberries & cherries

  Certified Organic Pepitas - Green - Organic Feast - 500gm
Pepitas are good nutritious snack. They can also be used in baking, or sprinkled in your favourite soup, salad, muesli or breakfast cereal

  Certified Organic Prunes - Brooke-Kelly - 250g

  Certified Organic Sultanas - Organic Feast - 500g
Preservative and oil free.

  Certified Organic Sunflower Kernels - Organic Feast - 500gm