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Organic Grocery >> Dried Fruits + Nuts
  *Living Synergy Nut Milk Bag - each
Includes colour instruction and recipe booklet

  Certified Organic Activated Almonds - Loving Earth - 200g
Raw Organic Activated Almonds grown in Australia. Soaked (sprouted) to release their enzyme inhibitors, activated nuts are easily digested and more nutritious than raw or roasted nuts

No Product Image   Activated Brazils - 2Die4 - 120gm

  Activated Brazils - 2Die4 - 300gm

  Activated Pecans - 2Die4 - 300gm

  Activated Pistachios - 2Die4 - 250gm

  Activated Walnuts - 2Die4 - 120gm
Delicious walnuts that have been long soaked then long dried at temperatures less than 70 degrees ensuring activation, preservation of nutrients and naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms

  Certified Organic Almonds - Organic Feast - 300g
Almonds are one of nature's healthy snacks! They contain 'good' monounsaturated fats, are a natural source of dietary fibre and an excellent source of the antioxidant Vitamin E.

  Blueberry Bliss - Dr Superfoods - 125gm
A delicious & nutritious snack of succulent dried blueberries coated in premium quality dark chocolate. An antioxidant blast that is heavenly to eat

No Product Image   Certified Organic Brazil Kernels - My Organics - 200gm

  Certified Organic Brazil Nuts - Organic Feast - 300g
Certified organic. Brazil Nuts are high in protein, calcium, iron, zinc, and are one of the best natural dietary sources of selenium.

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  Certified Organic Coconut Shredded - Loving Earth - 250gm
Loving Earth's Shredded Coconut is certified organic and sulphite free.

No Product Image   Certified Organic Cranberries - Fruit D'Or - 340gm
This little berry not only tastes great it is incredibly good for you. Organic apple juice added for sweetness. Less then 1% sunflower oil added to keep them moist.

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  Certified Organic Currants - 500g
Very sweet dark berries - great to add to porridge. Preservative free.

  Certified Organic Dates - Medjool Premium - 100g
Preservative free

  Certified Organic Dates - Pitted - Organic Feast - 500gm
These dates have been dried & pitted. A great addition to baked products such as cakes, breads, muffins, pies and biscuits.

  Certified Organic Dried Blueberries - Eden Organic - 113g
A delicious, healthy snack that are great for lunches, camping, hiking or just a real good snack anytime.

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  Certified Organic Dried Cranberries - Eden Organic - 113g
Deliciously sweet and mildly tangy. Convenient, protective re-sealable pouch.

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  Certified Organic Dried Figs - Turkish - 300g
Preservative free

  Certified Organic Dried Figs - Turkish - 500g
These figs are all natural with no preservatives and one of the sweetest fruits available.

  Certified Organic Dried Mango Premium - Sun Dried - 50g
The best taste ever!

  Goji Berries - Naturally Goji - 500g
Harvested only once a year. Goji berries are small red berries that grow in the remote areas of Tibet, Mongolia and China. Goji berries are a very versatile food. They taste great in salads, on breakfast cereal, in trail mix or eaten straight from the pac

  Goji Berries Dark Chocolate - Naturally Gogi - 300g
Spoil yourself or a loved one today with this delicious healthy treat!

  Goji Berries Dark Chocolate - Naturally Goji - 125g
By coating premium grade Tibetan Goji Berries with premium quality dark chocolate, Naturally Goji have combined two of the richest sources of antioxidants to create a nutritious and delicious new health product.

  Certified Organic Hazelnuts - My Organics - 200gm

No Product Image   Certified Organic Macadamia Raw - My Organics - 200gm

No Product Image   Certified Organic Peanuts - Dry Roasted - My Organics - 250g

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  Certified Organic Pepitas - Green - Organic Feast - 500gm
Pepitas are good nutritious snack. They can also be used in baking, or sprinkled in your favourite soup, salad, muesli or breakfast cereal

No Product Image   Certified Organic Pistachios - Dry Roasted & Salted - My Organics - 150g

  Certified Organic Prunes - Brooke-Kelly - 250g

  Certified Organic Sultanas - Organic Feast - 500g
Preservative and oil free.

No Product Image   Certified Organic Walnuts Raw - My Organics - 150g

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