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Meats >> Chicken
  A Frozen Water Bottle - 600ml
We recommend 1 bottle per order to keep items chilled. For over-night orders you may wish to purchase 2.

  Certified Organic Inglewood Chicken Breast Fillets - 2 per pack - frozen
Unlike battery raised chickens, the breast fillets of our organic chicken remains moist when cooked because they are more muscular and fully developed

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  Certified Organic Inglewood Chicken Drumsticks - random weights - 3 per pack - frozen
Inglewood Farms' chicken drumsticks are succulent and well toned. Cooking meat that has been left on the bone gives it a real depth of flavour. Drumsticks are are perfect when barbequed, roasted or braised

  Certified Organic Inglewood Chicken Thigh Fillets - frozen
Our organic thigh fillets are lean, juicy and bursting with flavour. They're absolutely delicious in a huge variety of dishes, from marinated and barbequed to slowly braised in casseroles, tangines and curries

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  Certified Organic Inglewood Chicken Wings - frozen
4 wings per pack. Approx 500gm. Ideal for soups and stocks

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No Product Image   Certified Organic Inglewood Whole Chicken - per kilo - random weights from 1.7 - 1.8 kilo
Frozen whole chickens - random weights.

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No Product Image   Little Hill Farm Chicken - Whole - Fresh - random sizes - FRESH
Pasture raised chickens from right here in the Hunter. Next due July 9

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