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Meats >> Fish
  Certified Organic Anchovy Fillets in Organic Olive Oil - Fish4Ever - 95g
Sustainably fished fillets of anchovies in extra virgin organic olive oil

  Certified Organic Salmon Fillets - This Fish - 280gm - Frozen
2 fillets. Certified Organic.

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  Sardine Fillets in Organic Sunflower Oil - Fish4Ever - 100g

  Certified Organic Sardines in Tomato Sauce - Fish4Ever - 120g
Enjoy whole sardines, rich in Calcium from the fine edible bones, in a rich tomato sauce.

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  Skipjack Tuna in Brine - Fish4Ever- 185g
Sustainably fished by a local fleet of small pole and line vessels with near zero by-catch. Dolphin friendly, turtle friendly, shark friendly and albatross friendly, you can enjoy this nutritious tuna whilst still looking after our environment

  Smoked Salmon - Gjendemsjo - 100gm
All Gjendemsjo Fisk Salmon products are certified Kosher. They are antibiotic, growth hormone, nitrate and nitrite free, and are proven to be high in traceable Omega 3 essential fatty Oils.

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  Smoked Salmon - Gjendemsjo - 200gm
This product differs from other Smoked Salmon products as it combines a unique smoky taste without the added saltiness.

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  Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon in Brine - Fish4Ever - 160gm
A rich source of Omege 3 oils and fished in the pristine waters of Alaska with purse seine nets. There is no by-catch with this method and the total catch is controlled and monitored in a very proactive way by the Alaskan fishery authorities.

  Certified Organic Yellowfin Tuna Fillet in Brine - Fish4Ever - 120g
Sustainably fished tuna fillet brine.

  Certified Organic Yellowfin Tuna Fillet in Organic Sunflower Oil - Fish4Ever - 120g
Sustainably fished tuna fillet in organic sunflower oil

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