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Dairy + Non-Dairy >> Cheese
  A Frozen Water Bottle - 600ml
Ideal for inclusion with any frozen or chilled product. We recommend 1 bottle per order. Can be used when defrosted.

  Barambah Organics - Shredded Cheese - 250g

  Certified Organic BD Paris Creek Cheddar - 180gm
Paris Creek Cheddar develops a warm golden glow over time from a slightly salted shelf-aged hard rind, which is characteristic of semi soft cheese

  BD Paris Creek Com'n Bear (Camembert) - 200g
French style cheese

  Certified Organic BD Paris Creek German Style Quark - 450gm
99.8% fat free. High in protein 14.8%

  Certified Organic BD Paris Creek Gouda - 200gm
This cheese is rich in colour and will suit all cheese lovers palates with its slightly sweet subtle piquant flavour..

  Certified Organic BD Paris Creek Nuage Blanc - 280gm
Nuage Blanc means 'white cloud' in French -predictably it's a lovely light cheese, brie style

  Certified Organic Lemnos - Fetta Reduced Fat - 180g
Lemnos Reduced Fat Fetta is the healthy choice. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the diversity and taste of fetta cheese but still maintain a reduced calorie diet.

  Certified Organic Lemnos - Haloumi - 180g
flavoursome springy cheese, Lemnos Haloumi is not just a cheese but more of a cuisine in itself. Acclaimed as the world's most fascinating cheese with almost an endless variety of applications..... you can grill it, grate it, fry it, or do absolutely not

  Certified Organic Marook Farm Fetta 200g

  Certified Organic Marrook Farm - Quark - 400gm
The simplest and most natural of cheeses, made by adding culture setting the milk and draining. add herbs and onions use as a dip or with potatoes or Pasta, bake in frittatas, mix with fruits as a dessert, use in cheesecakes, use your imagination.

  Meredith Dairy Goat Chevre - 150g
A fresh curd cheese, smooth and cream. Chevre is used extensively in cooking to add a lush texture to food, or it may simply be served on its own.

  Meredith Dairy Goat Chevre with Dill - 150g
This is a true farmhouse chevre, the cheese is made by hand using milk supplied only from the farm. This fresh chevre is lightly rolled in dill, it has a moist and slightly wet texture with a creamy, sweet herb taste.

  Meredith Dairy Goats Fetta Marinated in Oil - 325g
Luscious soft textured goats cheese drenched in garlic and herb infused extra virgin olive oil.