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Dairy + Non-Dairy >> Mayonnaise + Dips
  Certified Organic Cashew Mayonnaise - Botanical Cuisine
Perfect for a salad, in a burger or on its own with some fresh veggies, this creamy creation of cashews is blended with the best olive oil.

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GF vegan
  Certified Organic Hafla - Baba Ganoush Dip - 200g
Traditional Middle Eastern eggplant dip.

B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Hafla - Beetroot Dip - 200g
A colourful spicy dip made from fresh organic beetroot.

B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Hafla - Green Tahini - 200g
Fresh organic flat leaf parsley, coriander, organic sesame paste, cold press olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar,water and spices, you just cant go wrong with that.

B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Hafla - Hummus - 200g
Delicous hummus made in Bellingen

B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Hafla - Hummus - 350g
Traditional Middle Eastern chick pea dip.

B refrigeration
  Hafla - Muhumara Dip - 200g
Use as a dip or sauce for pasta, lasagna. Adds flavour to soups, stews and casseroles. Use to marinade fish or chiucken.

No Product Image   Hafla - Sweet Potato + Fetta Dip - 200g

  Hafla - Tzatziki Dip - 200g
A great condiment for chicken, curries and salads as well as a tasty dip.

  Hafla - Zhug
The cheekiest of all dips, is made with fresh coriander, green chilli, cold press (virgin) olive oil, garlic and spices.