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Dairy + Non-Dairy >> Butter
  A Frozen Water Bottle - 600ml
We recommend 1 bottle per order to keep items chilled. For over-night orders you may wish to purchase 2.

  Certified Organic Butter - Salted - Organic Times - 250g
Lightly salted

  Certified Organic Butter - Spreadable - Harmonie Organic - 250gm
Lightly salted spreadable butter. Ideal for cooking and baking as well.

  Certified Organic Butter - Unsalted - Organic Times - 250gm

  Certified Organic Butter - Unsalted - Paris Creek Biodynamic
Rich, full cream unsalted. Makes fantastic pastry and cakes.

No Product Image   Ghee - Sacred Earth - 275gm
Ghee can be used to saute foods, in baking, to deep fry or even as a spread. It has a very high burning point and does not burn or smoke during cooking.