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Organic Grocery >> Olives + Pickles + Condiments
  Certified Organic Aioli - Chefs Choice - 185gm
Enjoy this authentic Organic French Traditional Aioli with a salad, roasted vegies, on a burger or with your sushi rolls.(Or use this sauce as a base for so many varieties of dips by adding some spices, cumin, paprika or dill.

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No Product Image   Certified Organic Apple Puree - Global Organics - 700g
100% pureed apple. Ideal for desserts or topping on breakfast cereals and yoghurt.

  Certified Organic Dijon Mustard - Delouis - 200gm
Smooth and full flavoured quality Dijon mustard made in the traditional manner.

  Certified Organic Mustard Wholegrain - Delouis - 200gm
Delouis Wholegrain Mustard is an old fashioned grain mustard produced in Burgundy, France the home of fine mustard making

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  Certified Organic Oilive Oil Dip & Toss - Basil & Parmesan Oil - 250ml - Spiral
Stir it through fresh pasta with a dollop of tapenade, or drizzle it over a pizza. Mix with vinegar and toss through a green salad, or simply use as a dip with crusty fresh bread

No Product Image   Certified Organic Olives - Kalamata - Absolute Organic - 330ml
Celebrated for their sweetness, their rich flavour Kalamata olives are a perfect snack alone, or added to cheese and vegetable plates

  Certified Organic Olives - Kalamata - Rosnay Organics - 500g
Delicious Kalamata Olives are picked at optimum maturity and pickled over six months in Murray River salt brine. Not slashed, no caustic soda, and hand sorted before bottling.

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No Product Image   Certified Organic Olives - Manzanillo Marinated in Brine - Peacock Grove - 800gm

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  Certified Organic Olives Pitted Jumbo Kalamata - Absolute Organic - 330gm
These organic pitted kalamata olives are perfect for entertaining or to eat on their own! They also are great in salads or sauces.

  Certified Organic Tartar Sauce - Chefs Choice -85gm
French Style Tartar Sauce

  Umeboshi Plums - Spiral - 150g
Are a selected variety of plum that has been pickled in sea salt and Shiro leaves.