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  EnviroClean Dishwash Liquid - 1 litre
A non-toxic, chemical-free, biodegradeable hand-dishwashing liquid containing vegetable glycerin to protect hands and peppermint adds to cleaning and freshness. Excellent for glassware. You only need one teaspoon for a sink full of normal soiled dishes

  EnviroClean Dishwasher Powder - 1 kilo
A phosphate/chlorine-free, highly-concentrated powder for dishwashing machines. You only need a half-teaspoon of powder (for new machines, one teaspoon for older models), so it lasts for ages and works out better value than 'cheaper' standard powders.

  EnviroClean Fruit & Vegie Wash - 500ml
To remove chemical build up such as pesticides and dirt from foods before consumption. Keeps fruit and vegetables in peak condition when stored correctly after washing with EnviroClean Fruit and Vegie Wash

  Herbon Dishwashing Liquid - 1 litre
Made from natural biodegradable ingredients which leaves dishes sparkling clean without being hard on hands. 100% biodegradable. Can also be used on tiles and floors

  Herbon Dishwashing Machine Powder - 1 kilo
Herbon Dishwashing Machine Powder contains only natural mineral biodegradable ingredients, which give a better result from your dishwasher, leaves no residue and does not harm the environment.

  Herbon Rinse Aid - 250ml
Herbon Rinse Aid is made from natural bio-degrabale ingredients which leaves glassware, cutlery and dishes sparkling.