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Organic Grocery >> Cocoa + Hot Chocolate
  Certified Organic Cocoa - Planet Organic - 175gm
Great as a hot drink or use in cakes and desserts.

  Certified Organic Cocoa Powder Alkalised - Absolute Organic - 120g
When compared to natural cocoa powder, alkalised cocoa powder is darker brown, with reddish undertones; it is milder in flavor and mixes with liquids more easily.

  Certified Organic Drinking Chocolate - Sacred Grounds - 200gm
Unlike most commercial drinking chocolates on the market, our Sacred Grounds Organic and Fairtrade certified Drinking Chocolate is absolutely free of milk powder emulsifiers, artificial flavours or other additives.

  Certified Organic Drinking Chocoolate Single Origin - Loving Earth - 200gm
Rich, sweet and decadent and can be enjoyed hot or cold. All of the ingredients in this delicious blend are certified organic, single origin and fairly traded.