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Organic Grocery >> Bottled & Canned Fruit + Vegetables
  Certified Organic Apple Puree - Spiral Foods - 4 x 113gm tubs
Handy for a snack or to use in cooking.

No Product Image   Certified Organic Apple Sauce - Jolly Organics - 700g
100% apple. Just heat and serve or use in muffin recipes.

Temp. Unavailable
  Certified Organic Apricot Halves in fruit juice concentrate - Ceres - 425gm
No added sugar and no artificial flavours

  Certified Organic Beetroot Slices - Absolute Organic - 340gm

  Certified Organic Beetroot Slices - Jolly Organics - each
Great for the burger

No Product Image   Kale - Jolly Organics - 750gm

  Certified Organic Pineapple Chunks - Ceres Organic - 425gm
BPA Free can. Fantastic served chilled with cream. Perfect for use in fruit salads in fruit pies and other baked desserts or on top of pizzas

  Certified Organic Sauerkraut - Absolute Organic - 340gm
Sauerkraut is a great condiment to add to many dishes and is extra tasty in salads.

  Certified Organic Sauerkraut -Jolly Organics - 680g
Sauerkraut or 'sour cabbage' is a wonder superfood enjoyed for centuries. Cabbage is pickled or fermented with salt to produce various good bacteria to help promote a healthy digestive and immune system.

  Certified Organic Sweet Corn - Jolly Organics - 330g
Sweet corn kernels. Great to add to soups, quiche or salads.