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Dairy + Non-Dairy >> Tofu + Tempeh + Vegetarian Burgers
No Product Image   Silken Tofu - Nutrisoy - 300g
Ideal for soups, dips, desserts, sauces or cold dishes. It is a useful dairy-free alternative to cream, cream cheese or yoghurt and can be used to make creamy desserts

  Tempeh Mildly Spiced
Spiced with a blend of mild spices

  Tempeh Plain - Nutrisoy
Tempeh can be used to replace meat in just about any recipe. It can be sautéed, grilled, deep fried, steamed, grated, baked, skewered on a shish kabob stick and cooked over the grill

  Certified Organic Tempeh Tasty - Nutrisoy
Marinated in ginger and soy sauce. Fry, baked, grill, saute or steam for quick and easy meals.

  Certified Organic Tempeh with Chilli - Primasoy - 225gm
For people who like it hot. This tempeh can be simply served by dipping the tempeh in salt water prior to frying

  Certified Organic Tempeh with Roasted Garlic & Coriander - Primasoy - 225gm
Tempeh with Garlic and Coriander, known as

  Certified Organic Tempeh with Tamari & Ginger - Primasoy - 260gm
A delicious and nutritious meal in minutes. Ideal for salads, rice or simply on its own

  Certified Organic Tofu - Nutrisoy - 350g

  Certified Organic Tofu - Nutrisoy - 750g