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Dairy + Non-Dairy >> Cream + Sour Cream + Coconut Milk/Cream
  Certified Organic Coconut Cream - Absolute Organic - 400ml

  Certified Organic Coconut Cream - Spiral - 400ml - Each

  Certified Organic Coconut Milk - Absolute Organic - 400ml

  Certified Organic Coconut Milk - Spiral - 400ml - Each
Reduced Fat

  Certified Organic Cream - Barambah Organics - Pure - each
100% Organic Cream, nothing added. Give yourself a treat, it is superb

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No Product Image   Cream - Fleurieu - 300ml
Pouring Cream made from a blend of milk from Fresian Holstein and Jersey Cows

  Certified Organic Cream - Ivyhome - 250ml (in glass)
Ivyhome 35% fat cream is a delicious pouring cream for whipping or adding to many dishes.

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  Certified Organic Creamed Coconut - NiuLife - 400gm
Creamed Coconut has a smooth creamy consistency due to its high (70%) fat content. It is therefore a rich dietary source of healthy coconut oil. Note: this is a food, not a cooking oil. If you use high heat, it will burn.

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  Certified Organic Sour Cream - Barambah Organics - 200ml
Thick, rich, creamy sour cream.

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