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  Certified Organic Bonvita Ricemilk Chocolate Easter Bunnies - 100gm
Wrapped in a beautifully presented bag that contains approximately 11 small bunny figures,


($8.95 /100gm)

  Certified Organic Booja Booja French Champagne Truffle Trinket Box
Each handmade, hand-painted box is created by Kashmiri artisans. Filled with delicious truffles. Please note that the design of your egg will be different to the ones pictured. They're all lovely though, so no need to worry


  Certified Organic Cheeky Bunnies Milk Chocolate - Montezuma's - pack of 8
These smooth and creamy, award-winning, organic milk chocolate bunnies are very cute and perfect for any little cuties in your life.


($11.67 /100gm)

  Certified Organic Dairy Free Easter Egg - 100gm - Moo Free
Perfect for kids or adults of any age who can't have dairy products, are Vegan or enjoy quality tasting milk chocolate.


($9.95 /100gm)

  Certified Organic Easter Egg - Milk Chocolate - 130g in a gift box
Premium European Couverture Chocolate.


  HOT CROSS BUNS SPELT CHOC CHIP - Healthybake - 6 per packet
Delicious spelt fruit buns with chocolate chips


  Certified Organic Milk Chocolate & Sweet Orange Eco Egg - Montezuma's
Made from post-industrial recycled corrugate and ordinary newspaper, don't be fooled by the minimalist shell - inside awaits a decent sized egg.


($11.30 /100gm)


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