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  Certified Organic Absolute Organic - Mushroom Soup - 680gm
These delicious organic soups come in glass jars and make a great quick snack anytime.

($1.06 /100gm)
($0.96 /100gm)

B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Asparagus - 2 bunch buy
Tender and delicious.


N refrigeration
  Certified Organic Broad Beans - 500gm
Fresh broad beans only need to be quickly blanched for about 3-4 minutes. They can then be added to salads made into a curry or served as side perhaps with a little olive oil.


($1.42 /100gm)

B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Cream - Ivyhome - 250ml (in glass)
Ivyhome 35% fat cream is a delicious pouring cream for whipping or adding to many dishes.


($1.80 /100ml)

B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Leeks - 1 stem - medium
Leeks are related to garlic and onions but have a much subtler, sweeter and more sophisticated flavour.


B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Naturgreen - Coconut Creamy Dessert (2 X 125gm)
Dairy free, egg free, soya free, gluten free, cholesterol free - perfectly suitable for all special diet requirements. Handy size tubs

($2.20 /100gm)
($1.80 /100gm)

GF vegan X
  Organic Wine 101
An introduction to ORGANIC & BIODYNAMIC Wines


  Certified Organic Radish - by the bunch
Fresh, and superb, crisp bulbs.



B refrigeration Local
  Certified Organic Salmon Fillets - This Fish - 280gm - Frozen
2 skinless fillets. Certified Organic. Back in stock


($6.43 /100gm)

N refrigeration NEW
  Certified Organic Willie Smiths - Organic Apple Cider - Huon Valley Tasmania - 330ml


($2.12 /100ml)


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