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  2015 Astrological Calendar and Moon Planting Guide - folded
Every year Thomas Zimmer produces his invaluable Astrological Calendar/Moon Planting Guide which an increasing number are realizing has information that is pertinent to them as Gardeners & Astrologers.


  Certified Organic Celery - bunch - medium - LOCAL


H refrigeration Local
  Certified Organic Cherries - 1 kilo gift box
Stunning cherries. From Brooke Kelly in Young



B N refrigeration
  Certified Organic Cherries - 300gm
These cherries are stunning.


($3.30 /100gm)

N refrigeration Star!
  Certified Organic Cocoa Butter (from roasted beans) - Absolute Organic - 500gm
Gently warm until soft then can be added as desired to chocolate creations, desserts or smoothies. Also used as a spread on toast.

($2.19 /100gm)
($1.79 /100gm)

  Leg Ham (low nitrate) - Half leg - 5.0 - 6 kilos - pre - order by Friday Dec 5 (random sizing)
$50.00 deposit on ordering. Free range hams from Green Cow Organics.



  Certified Organic Maple Water - Seva - 1 litre
100% pure and natural maple water is also known as maple sap and gets its authentic, fresh and delicately sweet flavour from Quebec's maple trees.



  Certified Organic Onions - Brown - 1 kilo



  Certified Organic Oranges - Valencia - 3 kilo net
New Season


  Certified Organic Peas - Shelling - 300gm
Sweet, delicious.


($1.50 /100gm)

B refrigeration Star!
  Certified Organic Raspberries - 125gm punnet - each
A rare treat! Chemical Free - NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC


refrigeration Local Star!
  Raw For Summer Class - Saturday November 2014 1.30pm
Nut Milk, Coconut chia seed pudding, Vegetable & Kelp Noodles  stirred not fried !, Raw vegan mango cheesecake, Iced Cacao frappe. Demonstrations, tastings & recipes included


  Certified Organic Sugar Snap Peas - Per 100g
Super sweet and crunchy. Use whole in stir-fries or raw in salads


($3.80 /100gm)

B N refrigeration
  Certified Organic Turkey - whole medium fresh - each - Size 2.6 - 3.5 kilo - Pre-order by Friday Dec 5
Available from December 18. $30.00 deposit required on ordering.



B D refrigeration Note

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