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  Certified Organic Beetroot - Golden bulbs - per 500gm
Golden yellow inside and out with light green, yellow veined tops. Both the roots and the tops are sweet and tender with a milder flavour than red beetroot and they do not bleed when cut.


($0.58 /100gm)

B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Bok Choy - bunch
Beautiful and fresh.



B refrigeration
  Certified Organic Botobolar - Rain Goddess - Dry White Wine - 2012
Easy drinking refreshment from Australia's first organic wineries, Botobolar, Mudgee!

($1.99 /100ml)
($1.73 /100ml)

B vegan
  Deva Raw Chocolates - Dark Caco with Nibs - 100gm
Handmade in Bellingen


($7.95 /100gm)

  Funky Pies - Funky Chunky
Shiitake chunks in a rich gravy with a touch of creamy mash, all in a delicious flaky vegan pastry! Not organic. Frozen

($2.83 /100gm)
($2.55 /100gm)

refrigeration vegan
  Certified Organic Maple Water - Seva - 1 litre
100% pure and natural maple water is also known as maple sap and gets its authentic, fresh and delicately sweet flavour from Quebec's maple trees.



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