INGREDIENTS:Stone Ground Yellow Corn, Sweet Potato, Corn oil or Sunflower oil, flaxseed, black sesame seed, chia seeds, sea salt, water, trace of lime.

USDA Organic
Verified NON-GMO
Certified Gluten Free

The ingredients are made from certified non-GMO ingredients. We all love sweet potato fries. Well these are much healthier alternatives. You still get that sweet potato taste you crave for. But in the form of healthy sweet potato crackers.

The sweet potato is Beauregard sweet potato from North Carolina. They are delicious and pack a nutritious punch with fiber. Within these crackers are also chia seeds, sesame, and flaxseeds. Refreshing healthiness in every bite. Convenient to pack for a snack in the afternoon. Munch on them at the office. Pack them for a picnic. Or share them at a social gathering. I think they are sure to be a great hit.

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