Ingredients: Organic Beetroot, yoghurt, almonds, honey, garlic, citric acid sea salt, spices.

Made in Australia

'Our roasted beetroot dip is made with fresh beets, almond meal, honey and spices; it has a fantastically rounded flavor and stands on it own with beet lovers.Using slow roasting method to retain the earthy flavour, we ensure that the dip tastes true to its name while keeping all the wonderful qualities of the beet. It is made and sold fresh.'

This roasted beetroot dip is a great companion to our well balanced tahini dip; it is great with hummus and go fantastically well with smoked fish products or cheese (feta, brie etc ).

People have told me they have given our beetroot dip a go, even although they didn't really liked beetroot, they reported it was a life changing experience and are now on very friendly terms with the rounded, earth bound goodness of the beets.

Beetroot dip, as with all good foods is best eaten fresh and for best tasting, once opened it should be kept refrigerated, and consumed within five days.

Gluten, Dairy, and preservatives free.

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