Ingredients: Organic chickpea, buckwheat, maize flour, vegetable gum and water

L'Abruzzese pasta's are HACCP approved for food safety and NASAA 100% Certified Organic (reg 5195P).L'Abruzzese pasta is made with top quality, all Australian Organic ingredients, that are free of chemicals and any GMO's.They have combined the goodness of organic besan flour (from chickpeas) together with organic buckwheat to produce a flavoursome pasta that is high in protein and fibre. Buckwheat not a wheat as many believe rather is actually a fruit seed in the rhubarb family, which is often ground into flour, it's gluten-free and a good source of fibre and magnesium. Unlike other Gluten Free pasta, these really hold their texture.As Organic flours have no chemicals or nasties added to them, the smell of the grains (and hence the pasta) may be a little different from "typical" wheat / pasta.


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