Ingredients: Certified organic grounded Cacao

Tastes great in smoothies and bliss balls and is a great and healthy substitute for mainstream chocolate in cooking.

Cacao (pronounced ka-kow) beans are the seeds of an Amazonian fruiting tree and are the source of all chocolate and cocoa products. Cacao beans in their natural, unprocessed state are rich in nutrients and are beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Pulverising raw Cacao nibs separates them into creamy Cacao butter and beautiful rich, raw Cacao Powder. As the temperature is never allowed to exceed 40°C, the powder is considered a raw' food with all heat-sensitive vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants remaining intact, thereby maximising digestion and absorption.

The Mexican Mayan kings drank up to 30 pure chocolate drinks a day to maintain their vigour and valued the bean so highly that it was used as money. Raw Cacao products are a source of beta-carotene, amino acids (protein), Omega-3 EFA's, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, sulphur, potassium, and one of the best food sources of muscle relaxing, stress relieving magnesium now you know why women crave chocolate every month!

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