(Apium graveolens var dulce) - Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Plants grow to 60cm high.

Celery likes rich well drained soil and ample water. Ensure celery is planted in a fertile position to ensure lush green growth for best stems.

Sow all year round.

Seed packet contains approx. 400 seeds.

2500 seeds/gram.

Greenpatch Organic Seeds began in the foot hills of Wherrol Flat in 1993. Having excellent red soils and a permanent crystal clear creek it was the perfect place for Greenpatch to bury it's roots. From the beginning Greenpatch has made a unique approach to not only selling seeds but growing seeds and plants organically. We are dedicated to organic principals in all aspects of our farm and making it as sustainable as we possibly can. Our current farm/shop is nestled on the Mid North Coast where we currently grow 220 varieties of seeds and propagate 400 varieties of plants on site.

We've seen a marked increase in the number of people starting up a veggie patch and more importantly wanting to learn how to grow organically. This is always welcoming news for us and the beginning of a new venture for the household switching to chemical free gardening and ensuring that their produce has no chemical sprays on it.

"Organic Certification"

Greenpatch Organic Seeds has been certified organic since 1993. We will continue to stand by organic certification and it's reliability that customers can trust. We (Neville & Sophia) both align strongly in growing crops without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers for the betterment of everyone's health, the overall impact on the environment and the planet.

Greenpatch Organic Seeds is currently certified organic with Aus-Qual. You can easily look for the Aus-Qual logo and our certification number (AQ610175) on our plant label and seed packet. In addition to being accredited as a certified organic producer, Greenpatch Organic Seeds has increased its committment as a certified organic processor. This will enable us to increase the certified organic seed range to our customers. The processor seed line can be identified with the Aus-Qual logo and the certification number AQ620081 displayed on the packet.

“Heritage/Heirloom Varieties - 100% Non-Hybrid, Non GMO Seeds”
Heritage seeds are know to be more nutritious, have much better flavour, better pest resistance and produce over a longer period. They have been grown and passed down for generations and only the best fruit is selected for seed with the qualities of vigor and flavour in mind. What more do you need to know to grow heritage/heirloom varieties?

The majority of varieties listed are Heritage varieties, having been grown and established in Australia for over 50 years. Much care and commitment has been taken with seed production & quality. Our farm is used for preservation of heritage seeds and rare plants. We are supported by a handful of dedicated seed growers sharing the same passion.

Heritage seeds are special. They have characteristics of great flavor, higher nutritional value, strong genetic make-up, longer harvesting periods, helps to maintain Bio-diversity, and of course you can save your own seed for next year's crop. All seeds are non-hybrid & non GMO.

Due to a successful 12 months of seed harvesting, we are pleased to offer our range of non-hybrid seeds. Our farm is certified with "Organically Grown Australia" (OGA) No 760, with 650 varieties of certified organic seeds and plants produced at Greenpatch annually and available in this catalogue & online. Some 400 varieties of plants are propagated in the nursery. By maintaining and increasing the range we can offer rare and interesting herbs, edibles, fruiting and flowering perennials.

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