Dairy-free Frozen Dessert *coconut Milk (water, *coconut, *guar Gum), *agave Syrup, *coconut Cream, *raspberries, *acai, Chocolate Coating: *+dark Chocolate (*+cocoa Mass, *+cane Sugar, *+cocoa Butter), *coconut Oil.

Everyday Bliss is a delicious dairy-free ice cream created by the plant-based experts at Coconut Bliss, who have been making organic and vegan frozen desserts for more than 15 years. We make ice cream for everyone at an everyday price. Every flavour is made using Fair Trade ingredients and sustainable practices, so you can feel good even if you eat the whole tub!

Organic agriculture is better for the environment, better for the soil, and better for you. Buying organic food ensures that you know everything that’s in your family’s meals: organic means no GMOs, no synthetic hormones or antibiotics, and no artificial pesticides, herbicides, or other toxic chemicals.

Growing organic foods also supports pollinators, promotes healthy soil and biodiversity, and makes farm workers’ jobs easier and safer. Not only do you get tasty, natural food, but you also help make the world a better place!

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