Why are Tooshies by TOM nappies better for your baby?

super absorbent
slim yet snug for greater freedom of movement
comfortable stretchy waistband and tabs for perfect fit
elasticated barriers to help protect against leakage
re-fastenable tabs
absorbent nappy core designed to draw moisture away and help prevent nappy rash
safe, gentle and non irritating on sensitive baby skin
Why are Tooshies by TOM better for the environment?

no perfumes, lotions or latex
no phalates, no parabens
elemental chlorine free
no optical brighteners
wood pulp from sustainably managed forests
contain natural citrus extract and liquid chlorophyll to block odours
plant based PLA inner and outer layers
bio-based corn blend in the absorbent layer means less SAPs
Chlorine-Free Wood Pulp From Sustainably Managed Forests (No Optical Brighteners). Absorbent Bio-Core made from Natural Corn Polymer Blended with Sodium Polyacrylate (SAP). Plant-Based PLA derived from Corn (Topsheet, Backsheet). Sustainable, Bio-derived Polyethelene from Sugar (Backsheet, Poly Liner). Polypropelene (Elastic Waist, Closure Tabs, Landing Zone (strip on front), Back Side Panels, Front Side Panels, Leg Cuffs, Transfer Layer, Core Wrap, Topsheet, Poly Liner). Safe Adhesives (Seams and Joints). Polymer Spandex and Polyolefin (Leg Cuffs and Elastic Waist System)
Inks Made Without Lead and Heavy Metals on the Printed Poly Liner. Citrus Extract and Liquid Chlorophyll, Natural Acting Odor Blockers In Bio-Core.

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