Dimensions are approximately 22cm height, and 20cm to 22cm wide.

They have a 5-6 Litre capacity, designed to brew up to 4 Litres.

High Fired Ceramics to 1280 degress celsius. Our Stoneware Jars are certified Lead Free and Non-Toxic.

Each jar is uniquely handmade and will vary slightly in shape and colour.

Jars come complete with a BPA free, Australian Made plastic tap, and specially designed, hand made cotton cover. 


One benefit of brewing in our stoneware caremic jar compared to glass is that sunlight cannot penetrate through the ceramic walls.

The walls act like a thermos, warming the brew and speeding up the fermentation process. 

Our jars are certified lead free and non-toxic, providing the same safe and sterile environment as glass. Please note that some lower fired and imported ceramics can contain lead. Ours are high-fried and guaranteed lead-free.

Our jars come complete with a tap for continuous brew. This also allows for less handling/disruption of the SCOBY. 

Downsize your brewing space by only needing to use one jar that provides up to 1 Litre of kombucha per day.

No need to keep your brew stored away in the cupboard. These jars are an attractive addition to your home, designed to provide a lifetime of use! 


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