Ingredients: Organic Macadamia Nuts

The macadamia nut kernels shall be of good general appearance, fully mature - plump (unshrivelled), round, firm and have a characteristic raw macadamia flavour.

Macadamia nuts are loaded with fat and high in calories. These are not traits you would generally associate with a healthy food. But, before you write macadamia nuts off, you should also know that they are a unique source of key nutrients and actually are good for your heart. In the context of a healthy diet, macadamia nuts are a snack alternative you can feel good about.My Organics Macadamias Raw 200gare a native Australian nut and a delightful snack. They contain a healthy combination of nutrients known to protect the heart.

Health Benefits:Organic, Vegan and vegetarian friendly, Dairy free, BPA free


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