Ingredients: Popped Lotus Seeds, Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt

Glorious goodness with an inner strength; every bite carefully dusted with the finest and fieriest Japanese wasabi.

There’s nothing quite like Karma Bites on the snacking shelves! Made from popped lotus seeds, Karma Bites is the new, healthy and super delicious way to snack.

For hundreds of years Chinese physicians and Indian practitioners of Ayurveda have used the seeds of the Lotus Flower to help keep body and mind in perfect harmony. Today, Karma Bites use the same choicest seeds from the water lily family to make a wholesome and delicious treat, meaning you can keep snacking without a guilty conscience!


100% Gluten-free

Low in calories

Low in fat

Source of fibre

No refined sugar

No artificial ingredients

Source of minerals & protein

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

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