We take the whole boneless loin of the pig and rub it generously with bay, pepper, juniper, and Olsson’s salt and smoke it over red gum. The bacon is intense, smokey, sweet bacon that quickly crisps up in the pan. Keep the deliciously fragrant fat for cooking your next meal. Note this bacon is not soft and pink, it is a truley nitrate free product and safe to eat.

Lachlan and Lauren began their free range pig farm Bundarra Berkshires in 2010 when Lauren saw the call for locally grown, ethically raised heritage pork. The idea for a 'paddock full of happy pigs' grew and fostered the way for handcrafted farmstead charcuterie and smallgoods. The little on-farm butchery and store was established in 2013 and grew until its walls could carry them no longer. In March 2020, the butchery and store was moved into nearby Barham as the Little Pork Deli. Together with Lauren's parents Greg and Joan they now farm 200 acres and run 120 sows, totally free range and run the deli during the week and on Saturdays, stocking all their delicious handcrafted products and local produce.

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