Ingredients: Demeter certified bio-dynamic wheat grain (Victoria). Freshly stoneground each week at Fosterton Farm Bakery Mill (Dungog)  80% bran sifted from wholewheat = lighter flour

Biodynamic and Organic Local Flour."We strongly believe in the benefits of milling the grain fresh for our products. The flour is lighter and softer and the volatile germ oils are not lost or destroyed by oxidisation or evaporation. Wheat grain in particular is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which become readily available as the grain is ground in the millstones. "Readily available" means easier to digest, so the gut better takes in the nutrients on offer, therefore better health benefits.We love the mill because it slowly and powerfully processes the grain without overheating the resulting flour. This ensures maximum retention of nutrients in the flour itself, in particular maintaining the integrity of the wheatgerm oil in the heart of the grain".

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