Ingredients: Wheat leaven, unbleached wheat flour,filtered tap water, murray river saltMade at Somersby NSW

All La Tartine's ingredients are certified organic except for the filtered water. This means that from farmer through the miller and then the baker, no chemical herbicides, pesticides, taste enhancers, preservatives or bread imnprovers are used. French researchers have found traces of herbicides and pesticides in the bran of non-organic wheat. After the slow gentle mixing of the dough for 30 minutes, it is cut, weighed and rolled by hand and then left to prove for up to 7hrs. During which time temperature and humidity are carefully measured. When the dough is ripe it is cut to shape, and placed in our woodfired oven. The carbonic gases formed and trapped during proving then expand, rising the bread to its final volume after 15 minutes. It is then left for another 30-40 minutes to thoroughly cook and develop its crispy golden crust. For best storage wrap in a clean dry cloth and keep out of the sun and draughts.


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