The Essentials

Welcome to Organic Feast!

I'd like to personally thank you for your support of my family business.

I started Organic Feast back in 1997 out of a desire to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of the people of the Hunter.

Back then I discovered that the difference between organic vs conventionally grown fresh produce can be significant, and then there's the Flavour!!

Now, 21 years later, I am excited to still doing what I love.  I am really proud to currently employ 45 awesome staff.  I have broadened the store to provide a space where you can nurture and heal your body, mind and spirit, this is our Inner Health Centre.  This great Centre along with health giving, wholesome organic food from our Store, and also our Wholefoods Cafe, means we are simply a one stop shop for all the good things you need in your life.  Plus if you can't make it here, we deliver all around the region, and have a great range of fresh organic produce available from the Newcastle City Farmers Market each Sunday.

Organic farming is principally about clean, safe and nutritious food.  You can eat comfortably, knowing that nothing we provide you with has been treated with toxic chemicals. Our Organic Certification is your guarantee!

Organic Food is also about a better managed and healthier environment. It is well documented that organic farms support at least 30% more biodiversity than conventional farms. Your purchase will help to reduce the volume of chemicals released into our waterways, soils, air and, of course, your family.

Thank you for being a part of the sunshine to the people & producers of this region.

Warm regards,