Availablity + Pricing


As is the nature of Organic produce and products, seasonal availability can be quite variable. All products appearing on our website or other marketing media are subject to supplier availability and can change without notice.  All care is taken to ensure the availability of products marked 'Available'  and are either in stock at our retail store or with our suppliers at the time the product was made available for purchase on our website.  We are constantly updating the availability of goods and immediately update stock status and make pricing adjustments upon advisement from our suppliers, however, some latency occurs between supplier advisement and our in-house processes. 

If a product is unavailable we offer you the option at check out to choose:

1. Yes, please substitute with similar items where possible. In this case we will substitute items that are similar, without calling you for approval.
2. No, please contact me for substitutions. We will call you to offer an alternative option to substitute should there be one available. If we decide there are no other similar items available, we will not contact you.
3. Please don't substitute, and no need to contact me. We will not substitute any alternatives and we will not contact you regarding them.

If we are unable to supply you with a product or an alternative for which you have ordered, you will not be charged for this item. We will remove it from your bill at the packing stage of your order.

Customer service and satisfaction is so important to us, should you never want substitutions or phone calls regarding alternatives, please advise us and we will put them in your cutsomer notes.


All care is taken to give accurate pricing on produce and products appearing on our website and other marketing material. As is the nature of Organic produce, sizing and weights of individual items can be quite variable. We will always endeavour to supply products as close to the advertised price and weight, however there will nearly always be some subtle variation.

It is our goal to keep this to within 10% higher or lower or the advertised price and weight. As an example, in buying 1 kilo of FUJI APPLES the final packed weight should be between 900gm and 1.1kg depending on the size of the apples. You will be charged for exactly what you are supplied.

Therefore you may find that there will 2 charges to your credit card. One will be the total as it appears in the checkout and will be charged immediately when you checkout. The other may be either a small refund or extra charge, depending on the price variablities explained above. This will be charged on the day we pack and send your delivery.