Alkalise Now Alkaline Spring Water is bottled at the source North of Barrington Tops, NSW. Our underground source is at a remote area far from pollution, well protected by limestone.  THE CRITICAL BENEFITS OF WHY YOU WOULD CHOOSE TO DRINK ALKALINE WATER

An 80% alkaline and a 20% acidic is required to maintain a life of vitality and longevityAlkalise Now is an alkaline spring water unlike approximately 99% of other spring waters on the market which are acidicDisease can only survive in an acidic body. Alkalise Now reduces the risk of diseaseAlkalise Now is a natural spring water. It has not been mechanically or chemically manipulated in any way. Artificial alkaline water causes side effects and should generally be avoided as a daily drinking water. If your goal is to be healthy, why drink anything artificial?Alkalise Now is a live spring water bottled at the spring to enhance the molecule structure in its highest possible way.At Alkalise Now we use BPA (Bisphenol A)  free bottles throughout our organisation , and have done so throughout our inception.


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