Bee Pollen is the most complete and nutritious of all foods and is the only plant source known to contain the exclusive Vitamin B12. Bee collected Pollen is high in protein, yet low in fat and calories, and stimulates the body to utilise the food we eat more efficiently. Scientific research has shown that using Bee Pollen helps aid healing, improve blood supply and regulate vital functions, thereby improving health and wellbeing. It also destroys harmful intestinal bacteria, cleanses the internal organs and rejuvenates the body both inside and out.

Physicians and Naturopaths around the world use and endorse bee pollen prescribing it for added nutrition and as a health restoring medicine. Prolonged use can also overcome the effects of pollen allergies for those who suffer hay fever. Natural High Bee Pollen is a high energy food which contains no additives and can be easily eaten straight, mixed with honey, added to a drink, or sprinkled over cereal.


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