100% Beta-Caryophyllene Oil (Made in the USA)

Caryophyllene falls under the FDA’s “generally recognised as safe” classification, so large doses can be safely consumed.

Canna-Oils “Ultra”
Leading the charge in super high-quality Beta-Caryophyllene, Canna-Oils “Ultra” will help boost your health beyond expectations.
Canna-Oils “Ultra” is great for:
Pain relief

Studies show this terpene may help to reduce pain relating to the nervous system. Plus, beta-caryophyllene helps provide pain relief topically because it acts as a local anaesthetic. Here’s some good news for those worried about opioid addiction.
Canna-Oils “Ultra” may help relieve pain by releasing the same endorphin's morphine does. This enhances the effects of morphine, potentially allowing for treatments using lower doses of the opioid.


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