100% certified organic.
Entirely traceable from farmer to consumer.
No harmful substances/chemicals are used at any point of production.
The broths are made from bones from Inglewood Farms and Richmond Range Meats , both of which have met the strict approved supplier programme.
Glass jars ensure 100% recyclable packaging.
Cherry Tree is highly gelatinous in comparison to other broths on the shelf. The presence of gelatin in the broth is internal to the nutritional benefits of the product.
Cherry Tree is rich and honest in flavour, with no added salts or preservatives.
Cherry Tree is clear and not cloudy, which is evidence of a long gentle cooking process.
Cherry Tree is pure in ingredients, of just organic bones, organic onions and filtered water. The purity of ingredients is very appealing to people on many different elimination diets.
Low in fat.
Available in chicken or beef and in 500 ml or 1 litre jars.
Requires refridgeration


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