The Golden Egg farm is family owned and run. We are situated on the Wybong Creek near Scone in the beautiful Upper Hunter Valley.

Our “Pasture Grazed” hens are always foraging and grazing on fresh green pastures of natural grasses, clover and Lucerne. With regular paddock rotation our happy hens have a constant supply of greens, bugs and worms and able to roam free in a natural open environment.

This is made easy by sheltering our hens in movable houses that can be moved on a regular basis before their food supply is eaten out.

The paddock then has time to regenerate before they are back to the same area, while fertilising the ground as they go.

We like to use the term “Pasture Grazed” as the term “Free Range” can be relate to overcrowding in industrial free range production where they cannot deliver pastured eggs because of the massive stocking rates and this mean that yards are eaten bare in no time by the high concentration of hens.


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