Ingredients:FRESH GINGER is sourced directly from local farms. The roots are then soaked and cut prior to being cold pressed by hand to provide the juice that gives our company its name and our drinks their unique flavour.

LEMONS are purchased in bulk from local orchards and then processed by hand to extract freshest possible juice. We use fresh lemons rather than ju

FRESH WATER comes from the rainwater tank right in our factory which is fed from our roof, prior to being adding commercially processed and pre-treated juice. This ensures our drinks are not only fresh, but also have the optimal nutritional value our customers demand.

RAW UNPROCESSED HONEY comes directly from the beehives of local Apiaries and is used as a natural and healthy sweetener.

''ALL TOGETHER these ingredients combine to provide our uniquely refreshing and healthy fresh drinks. They are NOT treated with heat or infra red to extend their shelf life. Our drinks are best consumed within four weeks of their manufacture, with the expiry date stamped on each bottle. We achieve this shelf life without any hidden processing because the ingredients work in synergy to preserve each other. For example, Lemon juice has been known as a natural preservative and Honey as a natural antiseptic.

FRESHNESS is assured, as every ingredient is hand processed in a single day's production. Everything that goes in to our drinks is juiced or mixed on the very same day it is bottled.

As our drinks are not mass produced, there are no short cuts, ensuring we provide the freshest and healthiest drinks possible. Why do we go to all this trouble? - because we love to make the Necktars that you love to drink''.


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