Grand Poppy Liqueur is made from:

California poppy, orange, lemon, grapefruit, bearberry, California bay leaf, pink peppercorn, dandelion, blessed thistle, burdock, rue, artichoke, gentian, geranium, cherry bark, cane sugar

Distiller’s Note:

GRAND POPPY is a California-inspired take on classic European aperitives. We made it by marrying the best of California’s bounty — citrus from our favourite Southern California farms, coastal herbs and berries we discovered on our hikes and one very bitter flower, the California poppy — to bring a new taste to cocktail lovers everywhere.

How it’s made:

We begin by macerating and re-distilling GRAND POPPY’s most aromatic ingredients. We then carefully macerate all the ingredients in the fragrant distillate over 3-4 weeks to capture the complete bouquet, flavour and colour of our aperitive. Since no two whole ingredients taste identical, we sample each batch daily to add or remove ingredients. Once GRAND POPPY has reached its peak flavour, we gently filter out ingredient particles, sweeten with 100% cane sugar and bottle.


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