Organic Times Little Gems look cute but pack a delicious punch of creamy milk chocolate with a fruity crunch. Made with organic milk chocolate buttons covered in crisp, fruity shells; flavoured and coloured, naturally, with fruit and plant extracts.

These tasty treats are certified organic, fair trade, gluten-free and contain nothing artificial. Ideal for cake decoration, cookie toppings and sprinkled over ice cream! The perfect pop-in-your mouth chocolate treat.

Whole Milk Chocolate (60%) made from *cane sugar (unrefined), *whole milk powder, *cocoa butter, *cocoa paste, *whey powder, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin); dragée coat made from *cane sugar (unrefined), *rice starch, *corn syrup, colouring: fruit and plant extracts (safflower, *apple, algae, fruit juice concentrates of *purple carrot and *beet root), thickener (*gum arabic), coating substance (*carnauba wax).

*Ingredients certified organic. No use of GMOs.


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