INGREDIENTS: Organic cauliflower, organic onion, organic carrot, organic apples, organic tomato paste, natural sea salt, organic turmeric, organic brown mustard seeds, organic yellow mustard seeds & organic ground ginger.

USE: Keep refrigerated and serve cool as a condiment with meals.  If you’re having a hot meal or soup, serve it on top of your meal once it’s stopped steaming.  It’s great tossed through a salad, added to sushi rolls, sandwiches or wraps.

'Our mustard pickles are dry salted and fully fermented before being jarred. The nutritional benefits are increased by our traditional fermentation process. A more mature ferment guarantees plentiful beneficial bacteria and a full bodied flavour. The ferment also becomes more acidic and acts as a digestive enzyme, allowing easier digestion and absorption of more nutrients.

We use WILD Fermentation in all our vegetable ferments. We prefer to rely on Mother Nature’s selection criteria to produce this traditional nourishing probiotic food.

ALLERGENS: Made in their kitchen where nuts and anchovies are used. Great care is taken, however traces may be present.


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