VINEYARDAngove Family Winemakers are one of Australia’s leading Organic winemakers.  Sourced from our own Organically certi? ed Nanya vineyards and premium certi? ed Organic growers in the Riverland region. Soils are predominantly red sandy loam over limestone, on gently undulating east west ridges.Vintage 2014 in the heartland of the Australian wine industry was early but evenly paced and once things warmed up in late spring it was back to more normal conditions for the Riverland. These perfect growing conditions produced fruit of fantastic quality.

WINEMAKING The grapes for this wine were harvested at night to make sure that they were as cool as possible.  Crushed to both rotary and ‘sweeparm’ fermenters the grapes were then allowed to macerate for 2 days before inoculation and fermentation.  Pressed off  skins when optimum ? avour and colour levels were achieved and allowed to go through the second malolactic fermentation.  Stored in seasoned oak barrels until assemblage the wine has then had minimal handling prior to ? ltration for bottling at our certi? ed Organic winery. 

TASTING NOTES COLOUR Deep red with inky hues. AROMA Aromas of raspberry and red cherries. FLAVOUR Spicy pepper and chocolate with soft oak ? avours on the palate,  it has a long yet soft earthy ? nish.


12.5% Alc/Vol


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