Ingredients: Australian Wholegrain Oats, Golden Syrup, Macadamia Oil, Pecan Kernels (4%), Dried Pear (4%), Dried Ginger (4%), Coconut, Pumpkin Kernels, Orange Juice, Natural Vanilla Flavour.

This muesli story began with the pear. This humble fruit is full of nutrients, fibre and antioxidants all delivered in one soft and sweet package.

Farmer Jo add pieces of ginger from the Buderim Farmers, and their dry roasted pecans which are a rich source of energy and contain goodies such as minerals, vitamins and protein that are essential for wellness.

And then with a sprinkle of seeds & coconut, the blend is gently churned through their roasted oats, packaged to please and ready to deliver someone a breakfast that inspires the senses.


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