Ingredients: Organic Stabilised Oats

Country Of Origin: Finland

Allergens: Contains gluten.

Prepared by rolling steam stabilised (at 100-102 degrees) oat groats to produce a large, thick, flat oat which retains texture after cooking. For longer life refrigeration storage recommended.

We started importing oats from Finland some years ago due to drought which resulted in an Australian shortage of supply. We have since discovered that the oats from Finland are the best we can source because of their unique growing conditions. The long hours of daylight in the higher latitudes of Northern Europe during summer mean that the oats grow day and night. In addition to the long daylight, the maximum summer temperatures rarely go above 25 degrees. This combination of unique light and long growing days results in the best quality oats in the world.

The 1kg Rolled Oats is one of our 4 Hero products


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