Water is not just water! When it comes to mineral waters, each source delivers water with a slightly different composition. Variables such as the geology of the rocks through which the water flows; the length of its journey; the vegetation and soil (if any) through which it passes; and the climate of its origin combine to give each mineral water a unique taste. Artesian water, for example, will have a completely different flavour to well water, or deep sea water.

We are proud of our Beloka water: not only is 100% Australian, but it s also a water which has been sourced from a spring located on the eastern border of the Kosciuszko National Park. With a pleasant mineral content and benefiting from exceptional purity, our Beloka water is carefully bottled to encapsulate its fresh, unspoiled taste. The sparkling water has nothing added except carbon dioxide. This gives the same great flavour as the still Beloka, but with the pleasant addition of some bubbles.

The perfect accompaniment to a meal, either alone or paired with a good wine, Beloka also works well as a mixer with an alcoholic beverage, as a pleasant addition to breakfast or served for hydration whenever it s needed. Why not stock up on a few bottles of Beloka and discover why the Finewaters judges awarded us a Gold?


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