Ingredients: Certified Organic Spelf Flour, Filtered Water Certified Oeganic Whole Spelt Grains, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Sourdough Culture (contains Acidophilius & Bifidus).

This product offers all the health and nutritional benefits of our very popular spelt breads with the added dietary requirements of whole spelt grains. Research is discovering the many health benefits that wholegrain cereal foods offer, particularly in reducing the risk of diseases such as coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Wholegrain is a rich source of many essential vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals and consists of, as the name suggests the "Whole Grain" Bran - the outer layer of the grain, Endosperm - the main part of the grain, Germ - the smallest part of the grain Refining a grain to produce white flour removes nearly all of the bran and germ leaving only the endosperm. Typically this process can cause 66 per cent loss of fibre, 92 per cent loss of selenium, 62 per cent loss of folate and up to 99.8 per cent of phytochemicals from the grains. As an added benefit wholegrains are very low GI, which is what nutritionist are recommending we look for in our diet. However the most important fact about our Wholegrain Spelt bread is its great taste, something you will remember long after you have forgotten all of its health benefits.


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