If you want to experience the supernatural in your own life by healing your body, creating new opportunities you could never have imagined before, and having transcendent, mystical experiences, you first need to master the concept of the present moment- the eternal now.

When you are in the sweet spot of the generous present moment, your familiar past and your predictable future no longer exist, you have called your energy back to yourself, and you are ready to create new possibilities in your life!

This elegant moment, which we have witnessed in thousands of brain scans, arrives when a person finally surrenders the memory of themselves for something greater. It takes practice to get there, but it's always worth the effort. Finding this generous present moment is going to require you to exercise a will that is greater than any of your automatic programs, but I will encourage you every step of the way!

For more information about the Present Moment, please refer to Chapter 2 in Becoming Supernatural. For meditation instructions, please refer to Chapters 9-13 in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.


Introduction (15-54)
Meditation (47-02)
Run Time- 63 Minutes

Music by Todd Norian Song- Bija Album- Bija


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