Ingredients: Bougainville cocoa butter, Bundaberg raw sugar, Australian full cream milk powder

This bar of chocolate is made using the wonderfully aromatic, natural cocoa butter pressed from Bougainville beans. We've been visiting these growers for several years now as part of the Annual Bougainville Chocolate Festival. This bar represents the hard work of the cocoa growers... plus a little bit of chocolate-making magic here in Mudgee.

Spencer Cocoa is chocolate... made from cocoa beans grown, picked, fermented and dried on the island of Malekula, Vanuatu... then roasted and made into chocolate in Mudgee, Australia

'Single plantation' chocolate is like 'single origin'.. only coming from a much smaller area... When you taste single-plantation chocolate it will express a flavour and aroma unique to the soil and climate of where the cocoa beans are grown (like a good wine does!).

 Ingredients: Roasted Malekula (Vanuatu) cocoa beans, cocoa butter, raw sugar. Our milk chocolate also has whole milk powder Grown on farms with no chemical input and growers receiving a much higher price for their beans


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20g - 12 leaves