Ingredients: Certified organic stoneground spelt flour and certified organic stoneground khorasan flour, filtered water, certified organic flaxseeds, certified organic chia seeds, certified organic quinoa seeds, certified organic sunflower oil, psyllium husk, lecithin and Himalayan pink rock salt 

Activated & Certified Organic Chia, Quinoa and Flaxseed are combined with Certified Organic stoneground Spelt and khorasan flour (both highly nutritious alternatives to conventional wheat) to create a delicious and healthful bread. Our unique process of activating (the start of the sprouting process) unlocks the whole grain nutrition in every seed and grain in this loaf. Digestibility is improved by breaking down gluten allowing for easier absorption.  A fantastic every day, nutrient dense alternative for those with sensitivities to conventional wheat. Ancient Grains plus Activated Super Seeds has so many other nutritional benefits which are amazingly good for you, your body will screaming .... give me more! 


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